3M mask frequently asked questions and answers


1. How often do I need to change a 3M protective mask? […]

1. How often do I need to change a 3M protective mask?
Answer: As the use time of the anti-particulate mask increases, the filtered particulates will gradually block the filter material. The filtration efficiency will usually increase, but the breathing resistance will also increase. When the breathing resistance is too great for the wearer to accept, it needs to be replaced.
Prolonged use of masks may also cause hygiene problems, or the contagious threat caused by repeated use of contaminated masks. It is recommended to replace them every day. Protective masks cannot be cleaned or disinfected, otherwise the filtration efficiency will decrease. If you have been in contact with an infectious environment or found damaged parts, such as missing nose clips, broken headbands, or broken masks, you should replace them immediately.

What is the function of the exhalation valve on the 2.3M protective mask?
Answer: Many 3M protective masks have a small exhalation valve, which is a cold flow exhalation valve of 3M.
When inhaling, the valve plate is closed, effectively blocking the inhalation of PM2.5; when exhaling, the valve plate is opened to discharge moisture and hot air, reducing expiratory resistance and making it more comfortable to wear.

The difference between 3.3M protective mask headband and earband, advantages, disadvantages, protective performance, etc.
Answer: The mask with upper and lower straps is the headband type, and the mask with the left and right straps is the earband type. Both methods can meet the requirements of protection performance. Most protective masks adopt a headband design, which is a traditional design, and the fixing effect of the mask is relatively stable.

Among them, the earband design mainly caters to the wearing habits of Chinese people, and has little effect on the hairstyle, but it is easy to put pressure on the ear roots. For users with large faces, the earband type is not as comfortable as the headband type. There is also a neckband design, which can not only solve the problem of ear straps oppressing the roots of the ears, but also solve the inconvenience of headband masks that need to remove the hat to take off the mask (such as 3M 9005).

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