Can non-woven medical masks prevent viruses


Can non-woven medical masks prevent viruses? Due to the […]

Can non-woven medical masks prevent viruses? Due to the epidemic situation, it has become a habit of many people to go out to wear masks. Because non-woven medical masks can better isolate viruses and bacteria in the air, non-woven medical masks Masks can effectively prevent viruses to a certain extent. Many masks on the market now have multiple layers of non-woven materials. The purpose is to effectively strengthen the protective ability of masks to prevent the spread of viruses!

There are two types of non-woven masks as respiratory protective equipment. One is made of absorbent gauze or knitted fabric with pure cotton on the surface, and various non-woven fabrics are sandwiched in the middle; the other is directly made of Made of non-woven fabric. Now the new non-woven masks are made of non-woven materials on the surface and back, with a layer of filter paper in between, so that the filtering effect of the non-woven masks can be improved.
Non-woven masks are generally used in medical surgical masks, which can prevent virus infection to a certain extent. The role of masks is to block droplets, so that the virus will not spread through the respiratory tract. It does not directly block the virus. According to the country Standard production masks, disposable medical masks and surgical masks all use non-woven materials, and some medical protective masks are also included. Medical protective masks are better than medical surgical masks in blocking the spread of virus droplets. Medical surgical masks are more effective than disposable medical masks, and their protection levels are different.

Non-woven masks can play an anti-virus effect. Most virus-preventing masks are made of non-woven fabrics, which can prevent virus infection to a certain extent, and the use of such masks can effectively block the spread of viruses through droplets or particles suspended in the air. . When using non-woven masks, be sure to use medical masks that meet the national mask production standards. Surgical masks or disposable medical masks can be used. Most of them are made of non-woven materials.
Non-woven masks sold in China for civilian and medical purposes must comply with the relevant regulations and requirements of the State Administration of Market Supervision and the Health Commission. Non-woven masks that have not been tested and approved by the health department, and mask products that meet the requirements of the above specifications, Often it does not have the effect of anti-virus, so when buying non-woven masks, pay attention to whether the quality meets the standard requirements of the health department.

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