How to choose children's medical masks


Children's masks refer to masks worn by children to fil […]

Children's masks refer to masks worn by children to filter particles in the air and block microorganisms, pollen, droplets, etc. According to their performance, they can be divided into children's protective masks and children's hygiene masks.
The purchase of children's masks:
1. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the applicable age, implementation standards and product category of the product, and select the appropriate category of children's masks according to the needs of use. Due to the individualized differences in the growth and development of children, when purchasing, parents should not only refer to the age range of children's masks, but also choose a mask that fits the size of the face in consideration of the effect of the child's try-on. It is worth noting that due to the possible risk of suffocation, children's masks are not suitable for infants and young children.
2. When purchasing, you must go through formal channels and pay attention to whether the label on the outer packaging of the product is clear, whether it includes the manufacturer’s name and address, specifications, product category, executive standard number, product instructions, production date, recommended use time, etc. Information, check the appearance for stains, deformation that affects use, etc.
3. Children's masks should be purchased with a smooth surface, no sharp tips and sharp edges, no detachable small parts, and no irritating odor. In terms of style, it is recommended to buy ear-wearing masks, try to choose products with a white mouth and nose contact layer, and the mask should fit the face.

1. Before wearing, children need to read the instructions carefully with the help of their parents to master the correct method of using children's masks.
2. When wearing a mask, press the nasal bridge strips on both sides of the nose with both hands, make the upper end of the mask close to the bridge of the nose, stretch the mask downwards to completely cover the nose and mouth, and avoid alternating use on both sides.
3. Parents should pay attention to children's mask wearing conditions at all times. It is not advisable to wear masks for a long time. If children feel unwell during the process of wearing masks, they should adjust or stop using them in time, and seek medical treatment immediately if necessary.


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