How to deal with discarded medical masks


Medical protective masks are used in special areas such […]

Medical protective masks are used in special areas such as isolation wards, isolation intensive care, and fever clinics. They are worn and used by medical staff. It is generally recommended that medical protective masks be replaced every 4 hours during use. If they are contaminated, such as splashing on the surface of the mask or the inner surface of the mask is stained or wet, it will be discarded for use.
Medical surgical masks are used by medical staff to prevent blood and body fluids from splashing during invasive operations. Its outer surface is required to prevent blood and liquid.
Disposable medical masks are worn and used in ordinary diagnosis and treatment environments.
It is recommended to wear medical surgical masks in public places and in work situations. Disposable medical masks are worn in scenes where the density of people is not very high.

How to deal with discarded medical masks?
The disposal of discarded medical masks can be divided into two types, mainly considering the use environment of medical masks. If it is used in a medical and health institution, it needs to be treated as medical waste; if it is used by the general public in a non-medical and health institution, it can be treated as general household waste.
1. The discarded masks produced in medical institutions and first-diagnosed medical sites shall be managed strictly in accordance with medical waste, and the discarded masks generated in centralized isolation observation points and home isolation observation points shall be strictly implemented innoxious management requirements, and special personnel are required to collect and directly collect them directly. Transport to the domestic waste incineration treatment plant for timely disposal.
2. The discarded masks produced in residential quarters, office spaces, and shopping malls can continue to be collected and transported as other garbage in the household garbage, but the elimination of disposal and collection facilities should be strengthened. After entering the domestic incineration plant, due to the characteristics of high plastic content and high alcohol concentration of discarded masks, its combustion may be different from ordinary domestic garbage.

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