How to distinguish the quality of activated carbon masks


The necessary performance characteristics of a qualifie […]

The necessary performance characteristics of a qualified activated carbon mask:
1. Activated carbon mask has the functions of dust blocking, anti-virus and deodorization, and it can effectively adsorb harmful gases in the air on the surface of the mask, such as sulfur dioxide or carbon dioxide, and it can also prevent people from suffering from respiratory diseases. The spread of your own virus to other places is good for yourself and others.
2. The better the filtering effect, the poorer the air permeability of the mask, and the filtering effect of a comfortable disposable mask is generally poor. You can choose a mask that suits you according to your wearing purpose. Of course, you can't ignore whether the mask is attached to your face. Combined with this factor.
3. The biggest difference between activated carbon masks and ordinary masks is whether there is an activated carbon filter layer, which can filter out dust and harmful gases in the air. Its performance is 30 times that of ordinary masks, and its adsorption capacity is stronger than ordinary masks. 

Commonly used methods to identify activated carbon masks:
1. Cut open the activated carbon mask with scissors, take out the black activated carbon layer inside, rub it with your hands to see if there are any black particles falling off, and then burn it with a lighter. If there is no remaining activated carbon particles or Activated carbon fiber means that it is a counterfeit.
2. Put the activated carbon mask into the water. Due to the small water molecules, the air in the pores of the activated carbon is forced out, resulting in a series of extremely fine bubbles, and a line of tiny bubbles appears in the water. The better the performance of the activated carbon mask, the more severe the phenomenon , The longer the time.
3. Look at the color of the carbonized material in the activated carbon mask. The carbonized material is the carbon that has gone through the carbonization process but not the activation process. It is not the real activated carbon. The activation process is the most important process in the activated carbon manufacturing process. The activated carbon masks that lack the activation process are almost Without any adsorption capacity. Activated activated carbon is black and has excellent adsorption and filtration effects.

It can be seen that a qualified and good activated carbon mask must first have an activated carbon filter layer, and then ensure that the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon is sufficient, so that it can absorb and filter dust and harmful substances and protect the user's respiratory health.

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