How to relieve non-medical symptoms caused by wearing daily masks for a long time


Wearing a mask correctly can effectively block the spre […]

Wearing a mask correctly can effectively block the spread of droplets, protect yourself from being infected by others, and also an effective measure to protect others from being infected by yourself. Wearing masks for a long time will inevitably cause some "sequelae". Today we will take a look at how to alleviate these problems.
Contact dermatitis
Wearing a mask for a long time, for sensitive muscles, facial skin may have redness, swelling, pain, itching and other symptoms, which is clinically called "contact dermatitis". According to different pathogenesis, contact dermatitis can be divided into "primary irritation" and "allergic reaction". Among them, "allergic reaction" is also commonly known as "allergic", and contact allergic dermatitis is more common in clinical practice.

The only mild symptoms are traces, erythema, and small bumps. In severe cases, there may be swelling, blisters, erosions, etc., as well as itching or burning. In the face of this situation, in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the mask and replacing it in time, it is also necessary to discuss the situation by situation:
1. Skin erosion
If conditions permit, it is recommended to alternately use protective devices of different styles, such as ear-hook, lace-up, and head-mounted masks to avoid excessive pressure on the same part. You can also use band-aids, etc. to stick on the same compressed area to relieve symptoms. The erosive part should be protected and kept as dry as possible, and topical growth factor gel and antibiotic ointment, such as mupirocin ointment, fusidic acid cream, etc., should be used locally.
2. Allergic skin lesions
Try to avoid irritation, including hot water, soap washing, friction, scratching, etc. For erythema, swelling or papules (no damage to the skin): zinc oxide lotion and 1% peppermint calamine lotion can be used for external application, several times a day. For exudation and erosion: 3% boric acid solution or nitrofurazone solution, wet compress, several times a day, each time no more than 30 minutes, remember not to wet compress on a large area. For dryness, cracks (chattered), and chapped: topical urea cream, hand cream.


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