How to wear different types of 3M masks correctly


3M masks have many uses. For example, 3M1860 masks can […]

3M masks have many uses. For example, 3M1860 masks can not only effectively prevent the harm of dust and tiny particles in the air to the human respiratory tract, but also prevent the infection of germs. There are also many types of 3M masks, such as flat masks, foldable dust masks, cup-shaped dust masks, etc. What is the correct way to wear 3M masks? How to wear 3M masks correctly to better do respiratory protection.

How to wear a foldable mask
Foldable masks are also earband masks, such as the 3M9001 mask. This dust mask has a good dust-proof effect. It has a unique design and shape, and is matched with an excellent nose clip and headband. It can fit the face better, and the breathing resistance will be better. Small and comfortable to wear, its wearing method is as follows:
1. Turn the side of the folded dust mask without nose clip toward you, and clip the nose on top of the mask. You can hold the mask with your left hand and fix it on your face against your chin;
2. The headband above the mask is pulled over the top of the head, and is located above the top of the head in a straight line with the top of the ear;
3. Pull the lower headband over the top of the head and fix it at the back of the neck and under the ears;
4. The index and middle fingers of both hands are placed in the middle of the metal nose clip, and while pressing inward, move them to both sides along the nose clip until the nose clip is pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose.

How to wear a cup mask
The cup-shaped dust mask is the best airtight of the three masks. It has a concave-convex appearance design. The nose bridge of the mask is equipped with airtight pads to make the wearer more comfortable. The way to wear it is as follows:
1. Hold the mask with one hand facing upwards, with fingertips at the nose clip;
2. Hold the chin at the bottom of the mask and wrap the nose at the top;
3. Fix the position of the mask with your hands, the upper headband is fixed on the ears at a higher position behind the head, and the lower headband is fixed at the position below the ears of the back of Jin;
4. Put two fingers on the metal nose clip, press the nose clip inward from the middle position, and move and press it to both sides until the nose clip is shaped like the bridge of the nose.

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