Oral classification and use


Mouth (English: Respirator, Mask) Inhaled airborne harm […]

Mouth (English: Respirator, Mask) Inhaled airborne harmful component equipment, can be blocked, steamed gas, gas body, and floating particles.

Dust mask primary, comparative type. It is a type of mask that is similar to a mask, and has a mask that has a mask and a mask. Surgical mask for medical use, major obstruction, respiratory tract secretions, other or environmental equipment, flu-preventive respiratory tract infection, infectious disease, and flu. Dust mask in the city of Sujo City and in daily life.

General people have a lot of surgical mouths or similar mouths, which are harmful substances in the air, but in reality, the most important purpose of the surgical mouth and nose is a mask, a person's mouth and nose, and a fine particle in the air. Harmful gas in the air.

Classification and use
1 Mask / Mask: 仅 Noh over-filtering large-sized granules, 仅 suitable for normal use or patient-free surgical procedure, small amount of coughing droplets. Approximately 80% prevention after use. Parallel obstruction 10% to 20% empty material, 3 layers of cloth mouth, non-woven fabric, activated carbon or preventable PM2.5 material, high resistance
2 Paper: Maskable 挡 70% or more 5 Fine rice granules, Wakaari broke or tampering emotions, Immediate conversion. Suitable for normal use.
3 Activated carbon: Adsorbable gas and toxic powder, Efficacy of disabled bacteria, demand and demand breathing or illegal suction and immediate conversion, suitable for use in lacquer work or 喷 洒 农 药. After use, the effect of blocking droplets is 80%. Parallel obstruction 30% ~ 80% Air
4 Surgical mask: 90% vulnerable fine rice granules, compliant heavenly granules, however, rupture or 脏污 脏 污 罡 罡 罟, suitable for sensation, fever, cough, etc. After use, the effect of blocking droplets is 90%. 30% -80% air pollution
5 N95 Mouth: Impedance 95% or more Next fine rice granules, respiratory obstruction comparison high, unsuitable general civilian long-time distribution, and use of evasion immunity recovery. Parallel obstruction 80% ~ 99.97% Air pollution
6 KF94 Impedance: Impedability 94% or more Next fine rice granules, respiratory obstruction comparison N95 Impedance low
7 Three-dimensional mask: New mask, three-dimensional structure
8 PM2.5 Defensive mouth: Noh blocker Air medium particle size Small particle size or equality 2.5 Micron grain size

Constituent material
Mouth-like composition General division 3 layers. Yugai Touchi Yoji:

The first layer is waterproof, and the main use is waterproof. Opposite surgical mouth, this one layer prevention of arrival prevention, droplet bleeding effect.
The second layer is a layer, and the main use is a medium-sized bacterial solution.
Third layer, water absorption layer, main use, water absorption.
Oral materials General non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, reduced activated carbon, paper, etc.

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