Several basic questions and answers about masks


The virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic still exist […]

The virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic still exists, and all of us must continue to help limit the spread of the virus. In addition to maintaining social distancing, you also need to wear a mask in public. If you are sick and don't know it, a mask can help prevent you from spreading the virus unintentionally. Think of the mask as a social contract between you and the people around you during this epidemic.
How to wear a face mask correctly?
For masks to work, you need to make sure you wear them in the right way.
The mask has white and blue sides, with the white side facing inward; put the mask on, the metal soft strip should be upward; the headband should be tied to the top of the head and the back of the neck respectively; press the metal soft strip inward until this The shape of the bridge of the nose. When finished, the mask must cover the nose to the chin, close to the face.
When putting on a mask, try to avoid touching the mask with your hands, and wash your hands if you need to touch it. In addition, do not let it hang on your neck or forehead. Finally, if you are having difficulty breathing, do not wear a mask; children under 2 years of age or people who cannot remove the mask without help should not wear a mask.
When do I need to wear a mask?
Wear a mask as long as it is not easy to maintain social distance in public places.
Although there are no hard and fast rules about when and where you need to wear masks, it is recommended to wear masks in the following places where it is difficult to maintain social distance: grocery stores, retail stores, pharmacies, buses, trains and subways, and gas stations.
If you are going out for walking or exercising and expect that there will be a lot of space between you and others, consider not wearing a mask-but it is best to have a mask on hand, just in case.
Does wearing a mask mean that it is safe to be within 6 feet of others?
Masks are an extra layer of protection to help reduce the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in situations where it is difficult to maintain social distance. However, masks cannot replace social distancing. It is complementary to maintaining social distancing. In public, the safest thing is to maintain social distance and wear a mask.
What is the correct way to take off the mask?
When removing the mask, make sure to take the right approach. When removing the mask, take it off with the strap tied to the ear. Just grab these straps, fold the outer corners together, and wash or store. When taking off the mask, try not to touch any part of your face, especially your eyes, nose or mouth, and then wash your hands immediately (or use a disposable disinfectant).
How long can KN 95 mask last?

Under normal circumstances, KN95 standard masks can be used for 3 days if there is no epidemic situation, but now the new type of pneumonia epidemic is more severe. The doctor’s recommendation is to replace it every 4 hours. If you go to crowded places, it is appropriate 1-2 Replace every hour. If the KN95 mask is contaminated, such as in a crowded place or in an epidemic area, if the KN95 mask is sneezing or coughing from the other side, it is contaminated and needs to be replaced in time. For first-line doctors in hospitals, they basically use special medical and surgical masks, goggles, and protective clothing to provide basic safety protection. Medical surgical masks are basically worn once and replaced when they are used next time.

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