Wearing protective clothing and precautions


1. Wearing one-piece protective clothing ① Wear disposa […]

1. Wearing one-piece protective clothing
① Wear disposable hats.
②Wear a mask or full-face tool, and check the air tightness of the mask or full-face tool.
③Wear goggles or protective mask (full-face gear is not required)
④ Wear one-piece protective clothing (wear a protective clothing hat)
⑤ Wear boots or protective shoe covers.
⑥ Put on gloves and put them around the cuffs of the protective clothing.

2. Matters needing attention
(1) The quality of personal protective equipment (especially respiratory protective equipment) has a greater impact on the infection protection effect, and products that meet the requirements should be selected.
(2) Medical protective masks should be replaced at least once every 4 hours, and should be replaced in time if they are contaminated or wet.
(3) Before leaving the isolation area, re-used protective equipment such as protective goggles, protective masks, full-face gears, and electric air-supply respirators should be disinfected.
(4) Contact with suspected cases (or confirmed cases), protective equipment should be changed between contact with each case.
(5) When the protective equipment is contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids, or dirt, it should be replaced immediately.
(6) When choosing medical protective masks or breathing masks for the first time, a suitability test should be carried out. Each time you wear a medical protective mask or breathing mask, you should perform a self-check on the air tightness of the wearing.

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