What are the classifications and principles of dust masks


Dust masks are indispensable protective equipment for w […]

Dust masks are indispensable protective equipment for workers engaged in and exposed to dust. They are mainly used in working environments that contain low concentrations of harmful gases and vapors. Only adsorbent or sorbent is installed in the filter box. Some filter boxes are also equipped with a filter layer to prevent aerosols at the same time. Some military gas masks are mainly made of activated carbon cloth, or use water- and oil-resistant fabric as the outer layer, glass fiber filter material as the inner layer, and activated carbon-impregnated polyurethane foam as the bottom layer, which can provide temporary protection in the event of a sudden attack by poison Protection.
There are also many types of dust masks. But their principles are the same: they all use composite filter materials. The general filter materials are: activated carbon fiber; activated carbon particles; melt blown cloth; non-woven fabric; electrostatic fiber, etc., of course, there are other special filter materials It is used to deal with other special toxic gases or radioactive particles. The classification of dust masks is similar to that of other masks, and we can also classify them according to their number of times of use and appearance.
1. Divided by the number of times of use: It can be divided into disposable anti-virus and dust-proof masks, multiple anti-virus and dust-proof masks and recyclable anti-virus and dust-proof masks.
2. according to the shape: it can be divided into half mask type, full mask type, flat type, cup type, duckbill type and so on.
1. Personal protective equipment to prevent or reduce the dust in the air from entering the human respiratory organs to protect life safety;
2. Material: Most dust masks are constructed with two layers of non-woven fabric inside and outside, and a filter cloth (melt blown cloth) in the middle layer;
3. Filtration principle: Filtering fine dust mainly depends on the filter cloth in the middle. Because the melt blown cloth has the characteristics of static electricity, it can absorb small particles. Because the fine dust is adsorbed on the filter cloth, and the filter cloth with static electricity cannot be washed with water, the dust masks are all disposable.
4. Remarks: The international requirements for the use of dust masks are quite strict. Dust masks belong to the first level in personal protective equipment, which is higher than earmuffs and protective glasses. The more authoritative testing certifications include CE certification in Europe and NIOSH certification in the United States.
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