Which kind of dust mask is good for welding industry


Welding is a special type of work. It is very important […]

Welding is a special type of work. It is very important to understand the respiratory hazards that cause occupational diseases and to choose a safe and effective dust mask. There are many kinds of harmful substances produced by welding operations. Metal elements, welding powders, and high-temperature flames will produce various harmful substances and welding fumes, which endanger the health of workers. The most common occupational diseases are welders' pneumoconiosis and metal fume fever.
When working in the open air, the harmful substances generated by welding will not be concentrated in high concentration, and the harm is relatively light; the high-density operation in a small space or a large space will reach a very high level of harmful substances. As the last line of defense to protect the health of workers, choose welding Which kind of dust mask is better? What should we pay attention to?

The selection of a safe and effective dust mask should meet the requirements of the national standard of GB2626-2006 self-priming filter anti-particulate respirator. Since the particles of welding fume are smaller than ordinary dust, the filtering efficiency of the filter element of the dust mask for welding should reach 99.97% Above, to ensure effective filtering of welding fumes.
Use self-priming filter gas masks (half masks or full-faced ones) in environments with high work intensity and high ambient temperature. The dust-proof mask is mainly composed of the mask body and filter elements (filter cotton or poison box).
Mask body
It is easy to wear, light in weight, and works in a higher temperature environment. It is suitable to choose a silicone half-mask. It makes the long-time workers wear better and more comfortable. The exhalation valve can help remove hot and humid air, and the wearer feels cooler. The filter cotton can be replaced, long-term use can reduce the cost of use. The suitable welding fume concentration range is 10 times the occupational health standard. If the smoke and dust concentration is higher, respiratory protection products with higher protection levels should be selected, such as long-tube respirators.
Filter element
The filter element is an indispensable important component of the respirator, and it also plays an important function of filtering harmful substances. Welding fumes are generally smaller than 0.1 microns due to the particle diameter. It is recommended to choose a filter element with KN100 protection level and a filtration efficiency of 99.97%, which can effectively prevent occupational injuries caused by welding fumes.
For the protection of harmful gases, it is recommended to select the KN100 protection grade filter element and configure the filter box (chip) to prevent harmful gases from welding. The 3M dust mask 6200 is recommended here. You can use the 3M6200 gas mask and two pieces of 2091 filter cotton to effectively prevent occupational injuries caused by harmful gases generated by welding.

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