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Disposable Protective Mask

Disposable Protective Mask

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Eco-Friendly, High Tenacity, Low Shrinkage, Abrasion Resistance

How to wear:

1. First loosen the headband every 2-4 cm, put your hands through the mask headband, and place the metal nose forward.
2. Put on the mask and close it tightly to your face. Put the upper headband of the mask behind your head, and then pull the lower headband over your head and place it behind your neck to adjust to a comfortable position.
3. With the tips of your fingers along the metal strip of the bridge of the nose, slowly press inwards from the middle to the sides until it is close to the bridge of the nose.
4. Cover the mask with both hands as much as possible and perform positive and negative pressure tests. (Positive pressure test: Cover the mask with both hands and exhale vigorously. If the air overflows from the edge of the mask, it is improperly worn, and the headband and bridge of the nose must be adjusted again.)

Product Details

Product Type

Disposable Protective Mask


Eco-Friendly, High Tenacity, Low Shrinkage, Abrasion Resistance



Technique/Weaving Process

Shuttleless Weaving


Blocking bacteria

Supply Type

Manufacturer, OEM

Supply Ability

100,000 Pieces per day


10000 Pieces


Free of charge for current available patterns


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